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Welcome to VoiceQ

We take our product seriously and are committed to consistently meeting the needs of the industry and everybody working in it.


The one-stop solution for script writers, translators, voice actors and audio engineers


Experience a revolutionary approach designed to make the writing, performing, recording and synchronizing processes easier and faster than ever before.


Deliver a better user experience through relevant features and functionality, constantly evolving to suit the needs of the market.


Achieve higher productivity with the largest feature set in the world for dialogue replacement software.

VoiceQ: Our Story

VoiceQ was proudly developed in New Zealand back in 2003, making us players in the industry for well over decade. Our first version, the VoiceQ Origin Series, was developed to support the dubbing of films and TV shows in the indigenous Māori language, making it both technically and culturally significant.
During the design phase, we looked at all the different ways ADR and dubbing had traditionally been done. The Rythmo Band techniques developed in France immediately stood out for their precision and ease of use, but the one downside was the time required. Seeing an opportunity, we took the very best elements of the Rythmo Band and translated them into a comprehensive digital solution, pulling a traditional process into the digital age.
Our cutting edge approach was awarded in 2007 with a Hollywood Post Alliance Engineering Award and we have continued to add new features with each iteration of VoiceQ. VoiceQ is now used by 100 clients across five continents, from global localization businesses to high-end independent specialists.
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Ongoing Development

Our team is always on the lookout for fresh ways to improve the product. Over the last few years, we've introduced some truly revolutionary ADR and Dubbing features, with recent development including AutoSync, support for Blackmagic Design hardware and VoiceQ Writer.

AutoSync Assistant

A built-in script processor that boasts an integrated voice recognition system. This feature is designed to take the stress and time out of importing text into an ADR or Dubbing timeline. The voice recognition engine listens to recorded audio and matches it up with a script for rapid synchronization. It's simple for technicians to use the Assistant to match up text and make changes if needed. AutoSync Assistant was a world first when we introduced it in 2016, and it continues to save time in recording studios all over the world.

VoiceQ Writer

An innovation launched in the 2017 version of VoiceQ 3.0. The integrated script writer makes it possible for writers, translators and trans-adaptors to have full control over their scripts before recording, including import and export functionality across a wide range of formats. Voice recording is about more than actors and engineers, and this upgrade enables greater input at every stage of the processes.

Support for Blackmagic Design hardware

A brand new innovation launched in the 2017 version of VoiceQ 3.0. This plug and play feature enables VoiceQ to output video through Blackmagic hardware, increasing the number of supported output devices and enhancing interactive rythmo-band precision. This solves the problems of changing workflows and adding further hardware and cabling to studios, reducing setup time.

Other great features to be found in VoiceQ

Scrolling visual


Drag and

drop control



A built-in



with MIDI

Support for a wide library of languages

Progress display

for voice talent

Support for industry-standard

DAWs and MIDI devices


script editing



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As we look to the future of ADR and dubbing, the team at VoiceQ is excited to continue working on innovative solutions to improve each new version of our product. For more information on everything from hardware requirements through to organising a trial, get in touch with the VoiceQ team today.

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