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"Actors love the built-in cue system, it really does enhance performance levels. We have used it on a number of projects and have succeeded in saving our clients a lot of studio time." – Chris Stumer , Hackenbacker Audio Production, UK

"The best in the industry. "– Jacques Barreau VP, Worldwide Dubbing and Subtitling ,Warner Bros, USA

"Super accurate sync with minimum effort. What’s not to love"– John Harley, ADRenaline Dub and Post, UK

"Great asset to the post production process" – Sibusiso Ndebele, Founder Vanande Media, South Africa

"The VoiceQ ADR and dubbing tool pulls the rythmo band into the digital age." – Red Shark News

"VoiceQ enables you to capture performance .. “Productivity, intuitive, easy to use, straighforward, all marks of quality software." – John McCay

"More intuitive, so much easier to to get it done quickly" – Serge Hammel

“We choose VOICEQ ADR/Dubbing for Watkins College of Art, Design & Film because…there isn’t a more intuitive and powerful software for ADR available today; it’s a major upgrade for our campus post facility, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be training our students on a program we know they’ll be using as professionals.” – Scott Hallgren, Adjunct Instructor, Sound & Music - Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film

"I remember seeing one of the first prototypes of the Voice Q software that the enthusiastic engineers came to present to Warner Bros. around this time. The New Zealand government wanted to dub the Hollywood movies in different languages from the Island, especially Maori. Without a dubbing history, as the main language is English, the New Zealanders were presented with a double challenge. Which technique would be the most efficient and how to quickly train a brand new pool of dubbing actors?  Starting from zero, what would the easiest technique be to adopt? After some research, they rightly understood that the French rythmo band was the best system, and this is where the emerging countries can help push new processes. In France, the industry was comfortable with using the same technique and not in a rush to find anything new. New Zealanders, however, understood that the concept was great, but the way the French were doing it on 35 millimeter film was much too expensive and labor intensive for such a small market. They adapted the concept to new software, which after a few years of tweaking became one of the best in the industry. They just saved themselves 50 years of research." Multi-lingual Magazine, November 2012 – Jacques Barreau,  Vice President, Worldwide Dubbing and Subtitling, Warner Bros. Technical Operations Inc., USA

“VoiceQ is incredibly easy to use and is much faster than traditional ADR methods. Actors love the built-in cue system, which is visual as well as audible, and because VoiceQ offers a very accurate cue for every word it really does enhance performance levels. The actors are freed from looking down at scripts if they so choose and they can often record a scene in one take rather than line by line. Since installing VoiceQ, we have used it to great effect on a number of projects and have succeeded in saving our clients a lot of studio time.”  [more] – Chris Stumer, Hackenbacker Audio Production, London, UK

"We record always with VoiceQ for our French dubbing sessions and it’s a pleasure to use." – Richard Gilles, Studio Dub and Prod, Tangiers, Morocco

“To lip-sync video and film in foreign languages, we use VoiceQ, a translation and cueing software. As a kind of Karaoke, Voice Q displays onscreen a synchronised scrolling text offering voice artists and sound engineers a frame-accurate cue, which makes the process of dubbing easy, accurate and cost-effective”. – Prime Voices, a multimedia localisation services company with an international network that includes 1,600 voice professionals  (quote from website)

“VoiceQ is a cueing software solution for dubbing film and TV projects. ProDubbing uses this specialised application to speed up the recording process. Voice actors are much better able to focus on performance instead of dealing with loads of paper scripts trying to find their lines. Paper is now gone forever. Synchronized scrolling text over video offers talent and technicians a frame-accurate cue making the dubbing experience efficient, economical and effortless. Our clients benefit from substantial cost cuttings by using VoiceQ.” – Produbbing, London UK, specialist in voice recording for animation series, documentaries and advertising (quote from website)

“We use the most up to date and innovative software on the market to increase output of the production, and while simultaneously reducing strain on staff members and actors. VoiceQ along with ProTools 10 provides an excellent prompting (Rythmoband) solution for a new era in dubbing which is extremely versatile, and allows our actors and directors to focus on the performance, instead of the synchronization minutiae” – Agile Entertainment , production facility located in Montreal, Canada that specializes in French localization. (quote from website )

“The fastest looping facility anywhere. VoiceQ ADR and conventional recording studio facilities combine for unparalleled speed and accuracy” – Magnetic Recording , Sound Stage and Recording Studio, Detroit USA (quote from website)

“We decided to use the excellent dubbing software VoiceQ, made by New Zealand’s Kiwa Digital. VoiceQ is a digital solution based on the almost 100-year-old rythmo band dubbing method, which is standard in the French-speaking world (including Quebec). The performer sees his or her lines scroll across the bottom of the screen, perfectly synced to the original dialogue, and speaks the lines when the text hits a trigger line.” – Eric Geringas, Power of Babel,  Power of Babel , an all-in-one solution for translation, versioning and localization of audio and video content based in Toronto Canada (case study from blog)

“Alphasound Production effectue des prestations de sous-titrage à destination de vos vidéos d'entreprise. Les bandes rythmo sont créées sur le logiciel VoiceQ”. – Alphasound, a sound postproduction studio in Paris,France (quote from website)

"We provide everything the best voice talents in the business expect in order to allow them to achieve a crisp and warm sound. We believe that the greater the investment in facilities and artist creature comforts, the better the chance of achieving a perfect performance. For a simple voice record, a complicated ADR session using the latest VoiceQ software, or a complete service covering casting, cast recording and editing, Tamborine satisfies all voice recording requirements with expertise and in comfort"– Tamborine Sound Studios, audio post production studios based in London UK.

“One of the major goals of MFDI (Tanzania) is to make more existing films available to Swahili audiences. Language dubbing is a cost effective way to do this. MFDI had dubbed hundreds of hours of quality programming to Swahili. Our dubbing team has been trained in the use of state of the art dubbing software called Voice Q. The software utilizes synchronized scrolling text over video, offering technicians a frame-accurate cue, making the dubbing experience efficient, economical and effortless. Voice Q is also well integrated with our Pro-Tools audio system to assure an effective, efficient, and high quality result.” – Media for Development International Tanzania promotes development through socially conscious programming in Tanzania and Africa at large, producing film, video, television, radio serials and music, in Tanzania, for Tanzania, by Tanzanians. (quote from website)