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ReWire VoiceQ Plug-in

Image result for rewire logoRewire plug-in installer is available for users to take advantage of ReWire support in VoiceQ version 3.0.1+. ReWire has been added to VoiceQ to create the best synchronisation between VoiceQ and external audio software. Unlike MIDI ReWire has a lower latency and has been proved to be the best method of integrating recording software. Please update to the latest version of VoiceQ software to use the ReWire plug-in.

ReWire plug-in support is for 64-bit platforms only.  Users running Pro Tools 10 or below will need to upgrade to a 64-bit version to take full advantage of the ReWire plug-in.

Note: Users may need to remove there plug-ins preferences file from Pro Tools to scan for the new ReWire plug-in if it does not appear on initial load.

ReWire Tutorial Video

ReWire – Setup


  1. Install from installer file Bundle



  1. Check install is correctly placed in directory
    1. ~/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software


  1. Delete Pro Tools Plug-in Preferences “InstalledAAXPlugIns” – This will allow Pro Tools to re-scan all installed plug-ins (note: This will only need to be done once).
    1. ~/Library/Preferences/Avid/Pro Tools/


  1. Run Pro Tools and wait for Plug-ins to be recognised


  1. Insert Instrument track
    1. Track>New…


  1. Add ReWire plug-in
    1. INSERTS A-E


7. Open VoiceQ and Create a New Project (Alternatively use our demo file you can find HERE)


8. Insert a media file and script file

9. Open View>Project Settings... (Cmd+9) and check that the project frame-rate matches the imported media file.


10. Navigate to VoiceQ>Preferences>Global (Tab)>MIDI/ReWire (Section)


11. Select ReWire form the dropdown menu and close Preferences


12. In Pro Tools navigate to Setup>Session and set Timecode/Feet+Frames Rate to match the Frame-rate from VoiceQ.


13. Be sure the 'Chase External' icon is selected and select a line


You should have synched chase between Pro Tools and VoiceQ

14. Test playback on both VoiceQ and Pro Tools. If playback does not initiate, check that you do not have any other MIDI/ReWire devices connected to the active DAW.


Frequently asked questions

I can't view the ReWire plug-in in Pro Tools, where is it?

If VoiceQ ReWire is not visible you will need to delete your 'InstalledAXXPlugIns' file. This will allow Pro Tools to re-scan all installed plug-ins (note: This will only need to be done once).

Open Finder, Select 'Go' and enter the following ~/Library/Preferences/Avid/Pro Tools/


When playing a line for the first time only VQ plays. Stopping and playing again only Protools plays and I get Midi warning from VQ. Why is this happening?

When the error message is visible VoiceQ will default to MIDI. You will need to save and close both VQ and PT. When you re-open VQ be sure that you set your output to ReWire from VoiceQ>Preferences>Global (Tab)>MIDI/ReWire (Image below). Also check that you do not have any other active MIDI plug-in(s) running to your DAW as they can sometimes disrupt the signal from VQ.


ReWire only works if I set timecode to 00:00:00:00 why is this?

Our development team is looking into the issue (Currently active in 2.0.11/3.0.1) We hope to have a resolution soon.

VoiceQ is showing an error, ReWire not working?

You will need to close both your DAW (Pro Tools/Logic) and VoiceQ. Often the application cache plug-in data and the instance needs to be closed to reset the ReWire throughput. When the error message is visible VoiceQ will default to MIDI, be sure that you set VoiceQ to ReWire once you re-open your project at VoiceQ>Preferences>Global (Tab)>MIDI/ReWire (Example of error message below)


Is there a shortcut to record with ReWire from VoiceQ?

Currently you cannot use the recording shortcut (Shift+Option+Space) to initiate record from VoiceQ. Users will need to run the ProTools/Logic transport to record a chosen line(s).

Can I connect to VoiceQ via ReWire from a different Mac?

You will

Can I use Pre-Roll with ReWire?

You can set the Pre-roll in ProTools/Logic the same as you often do with any other project. Because of ReWire's precision you will not need to do anything on VoiceQ.


Can I use Post-Roll with ReWire?

No. Our development team may implement this in the future.

Do I Need to Install any Additional Hardware or Software?

ReWire is an entirely software-based function that is built within ReWire-compatible programs. There may be a few rules you need to follow, like closing or opening programs in a particular order, but no drivers or other software accessories are needed.

Can My Computer Handle ReWire?

ReWire itself doesn't use up much CPU power; it is simply an interconnection protocol. However, by definition you'll be using two programs together, so your computer needs enough power to run them both comfortably. Generally, this means a decent amount of RAM (e.g., 512 MB) and a fast processor (1 GHz will work fine, although a slower one can work if you don't make too many demands on it).

Software synthesizers tend to require a lot of CPU power, as do signal processors. However, there are ways to reduce the amount of CPU power needed, as covered later in this document.

Who's Behind ReWire?

ReWire started with Propellerhead Software, but has since become a true industry standard. SONAR's, Home Studio's, and Project5's embrace of ReWire has taken this level of acceptance even further; more ReWire compatible applications are appearing, and some pre-ReWire applications (such as Arturia's Storm and Image-Line's FruityLoops) are being updated for ReWire compatibility.


If you think we missed something or if you have any further enquiries please contact VoiceQ support HERE to contact our staff directly (