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These video tutorials will help you set-up MIDI connections from Pro Tools to VoiceQ from set-up through to execution.

1. Setting up a Local MIDI connection

This tutorial shows you how to integrate Pro Tools and VoiceQ via Local MIDI connection on your mac.

2. Setting up a Network MIDI connection.

This tutorial shows you how to integrate Pro Tools and VoiceQ via Network MIDI connection between two mac's.

3. Setting up a MIDI connection via MIDI device.

This tutorial shows you how to integrate Pro Tools and VoiceQ connection via MIDI device between two mac's.



  • How do I activate MIDI chase from VoiceQ?
        Examples of settings to activate when using VoiceQ MIDI chase:

        • Chase external Timecode: There is a Chase Icon visible in the lower left corner, you must select this to initiate MIDI/ReWire Chase in DAW programs. (See image for reference)


        • Selecting MIDI in Preferences: MIDI is active by default, but you can change and view the settings for MIDI connection located here: VoiceQ>Preferences>Global (Tab) (See image for reference)


  • Why can't I see chase in Pro Tools when making a selection in VoiceQ?
        There are multiple settings that must be activated for Chase to take place between Pro Tools and VoiceQ see the following for details:

        • Reader and Generator ports: Allow the MTC Reader Port to read the correct incoming signal using the dropdown menu. Set both the MTC Reader port and MTC generator port to your currently active MIDI input/output.  If you still have an issue with the chase set the MTC Reader to 'Any'. Navigate to 'Setup>Peripherals>Synchronization (tab)' (See image for reference) 


        • Machine Control: Be sure that you check both boxes for Machine Control for both Master and Slave. Navigate to 'Setup>Peripherals>Machine Control (tab)' (See image for reference) 


        • Syncronization settings: Be sure that you check both boxes for Machine Chase. To view these navigate to 'Pro Tools>Preferences>Syncronization (tab)' (See image for reference) 


  • I can chase but I cannot play from Pro Tools, why is this happening?
        This often occurs when the user does not set-up Pro Tools options correctly.

        • Beat Clock: Be sure that you select your network/local MIDI here. The Beat Clock controls Playback and often is the cause of this issue. Navigate to Setup>MIDI>MIDI Beat Clock... (See image for reference) 


  • Can I connect via MIDI to Pro Tools on Windows?
      You may run VoiceQ on a mac and connect it to Pro tools on windows but it will require a hardware MIDI connection or third party application to run successfully. We do not recommend it, but it is possible to use it in this configuration.
  • I'm having issues with Sync over two Apple devices, how do I maintain Sync?
        Apples MIDI Studio takes care of the MIDI connection. Check the routings and match them to the image below. Often you may need to change the Port number#. Also check that your firewall allows transmissions between computers in your network.
      • Live Routings (Pro Tools Mac): midi-network-setup
      • Live Routings (VoiceQ Mac):