Educational institutions can now purchase VoiceQ at discounted prices by ordering through the VoiceQ Online Store or emailing us at VoiceQ Support. Institutions may also want to take advantage of our VoiceQ volume licensing.

Educational institutions or organizations must meet one or more of the following criteria to qualify:
• Accredited public or private universities, colleges, community colleges or higher education institutions that grant degrees requiring at least two years of full-time matriculation,
• Accredited Film, Television and Multi Media schools approved by VoiceQ at its sole discretion.

1. Educational Eligibility

Educational institutions will need to provide appropriate identification to be eligible for the Educational Institution License pricing:
* a valid, official purchase order issued by a Qualified Educational Entity; or
* current credit card information with the name, billing address, and ‘ship to’ or delivery address of the Educational Entity; or
* a current personal credit card payment from Individuals who are faculty or staff with a ‘ship to’ or delivery address of the Educational Entity; or such other Appropriate Identification as permitted by VoiceQ from time to time by posting a list of such Appropriate Identification on its Internet website.

2. VoiceQ Student Licensing

Students, teachers, lecturers, faculty and staff members currently registered with Qualified Educational Institutions are also eligible for the Educational Institute Licensing. You need to be a registered student to receive educational pricing. Full-time, part-time and external students are all eligible. After you graduate or are no longer registered as an active student, you will not qualify for educational pricing.
To order and receive our special educational prices, you must be a current student, teacher, lecturer or staff member of an accredited and degree-granting educational institution (high school, college, university or Film School). Non-profit organizations may also qualify for discounts.

You will need to provide proof of your academic status before your order is shipped. However, you can place your order anytime, and we will place your order on hold until we receive your valid academic ID.

3. Appropriate identification

For Educational End Users to qualify for the Educational Institution Pricing they must first be authenticated according to the following policies for appropriate identification.

A. Individual Definition: For a Purchase by an Individual, Appropriate Identification means clear, readable copies of the following documents:
A current, valid photo identification and valid evidence of current enrolment at or employment by an Educational Entity. Examples include without limitation:
* School photo identification card that includes date validating current status; or
* School photo identification or drivers license or other official photo identification with corroborating evidence including but not limited to: faculty or staff pay check stubs; student course curriculum or tuition bill with a valid date and printed with the Educational Entity logo or seal; an official letter from the registrar of the Educational Entity; or Such other identification as permitted by VoiceQ from time to time by posting a list of such Appropriate Identification on its Internet website.

B. Validity: Each identification provided shall be valid for a period of time not to exceed one (1) year from the date that the Appropriate Identification was actually furnished to VoiceQ or Reseller, or, if applicable, the expected graduation date for the Individual, whichever is less.

Acceptable Forms of Academic ID
  • Current Student ID Card
  • Current Enrolment papers
  • Recent Report Card
  • Letter from Educational Institute on official letterhead
  • Teacher’s Payslip
  • Teacher ID Card
  • Teacher’
  • Union Card

Academic ID’s can be emailed to VoiceQ Support.

There is no difference between the products offered to Educational Institutes and the commercial versions of these products. Aside from the price, these products are functionally identical to the commercial versions. However the products cannot be used for commercial purposes.

4. Educational Institution Pricing

As a qualified educational customer, you are eligible to purchase software at academic discounts of up to 40% of the purchase price and renewal fee.

To take full advantage of savings through our flexible educational licensing options and volume software licensing, contact VoiceQ Support.

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