VoiceQ is patented voice synchronisation software developed and distributed by New Zealand based media company Kiwa Digital Ltd.

We use technology to bring worlds to life in a way original content owners have always wished for.

The VoiceQ Origin Series was first developed in 2003 to support the dubbing of New Zealand’s indigenous Māori language for television and film production.  The goal was to enable the adaptation of film to a culture, and give audiences the illusion that they are watching a production created in their own language. After some research, our technical team adapted the rythmo band dubbing concept that has been used in France and francophone countries since 1920, and developed a software solution that replicated the best of the rythmo band features in a digital format.

Since then VoiceQ has been developed and enhanced to meet the growing demand for high quality dubbing and dialogue replacement solutions. In 2007 VoiceQ won a prestigious Hollywood Post Alliance Engineering Excellence Award.

In 2015 VoiceQ 2.0 Evolution Series was launched as a dual application combining ADR and Dubbing functions, as well as introducing a comprehensive suite of new features in response to changes in the industry.

In 2016 the VoiceQ 3.0 Democracy Series was released introducing the world’s first AutoSync Assistant – Voice Recognition Engine, largest new feature set and advanced MIDI interfaces for leading DAWs.

The launch coincides with rapid growth in our other media interests.  We take pride in using cutting edge technology to develop cutting edge solutions and have a growing international reputation in digital publishing, language promotion and educational programs.  Visit KIWA Digital Ltd and experience digital innovation at its source.