This major upgrade sets new global benchmarks in workflow speed and accuracy.

We’ve been working on something that is disruptive and transformational to meet the challenges of this fast-changing industry. 

Download the software and see the difference today.

The benefits of using VoiceQ




  • 100% accuracy on optimal script setup (+5% standard deviation).
    Note: Using english language scripts.


  • Factor of 10 reduction in transcription speed.
  • Factor of 5 reduction in script synch process.
  • Factor of 4 to develop competency.
  • Factor of 8 to develop mastery.


  • Automates the synchronisation of the dialogue.
  • Script with the picture reducing the standard script synchronisation process by up to 50%.
  • Improves workflows with faster import of script and timeline layout, and more translation options.
  • Allows translators and adaptors to start their work much earlier and not have to wait for a synchronised script.


Greater accuracy from the talent means less time spent synchronizing the sound. Use VoiceQ for cueing and you'll be reducing your editing time dramatically.

Having all the special effects streamed across the screen just like the script means not having to time your effects from the clock but timing them naturally just like the actor’s dialogue. In addition, the scrolling waveform and scrolling ruler will make it so much easier to accurately spot and insert foley and SFX.


By recording every voice in each scene in just one or two takes your actors will be fresher, the quality of their output will be higher and you will be getting through much more work for much less stress than you have managed previously. When the script doesn’t fit or the adaptation isn’t quite right VoiceQ will allow you to put your improvements directly into the script and overlay them on the screen in a matter of seconds. Your crew isn’t sitting around idle and your studio time isn’t wasted.

Post-Production Studios

Dubbing companies and directors charged to produce the next Block Buster for world markets face an up hill challenge, especially when films are still being edited, budgets are constrained and the international release date remains unmoved. Smooth ADR and dubbing processes are essential and quality performances from actors paramount. VoiceQ makes the ADR and dubbing process run smoothly for actors, engineers and language directors,  while saving time and money. VoiceQ will give you a superior sounding final product. Time will be saved in expensive postproduction studios due to an accurate and flexible system. Your dubbing requirements will be completed on time and within budget. Reporting functions have been specifically designed to make your life easier.

Voice Actors

Forget the three beeps and reading from a paper script. Individualized, color-coded streaming dialogue across the screen will allow any number of actors to be recorded simultaneously in one take. It is so much easier to provide dramatic interpretation and comedic timing when all characters are being recorded together, and so much simpler to get your timing perfect when you can see the actor’s lips and the script all on the screen together. VoiceQ provides many other cueing options to suit every voice talent, including streamers and visual countdowns.

Film Companies

For film companies with tight film release dates, VoiceQ can halve processing time for technicians and performers significantly reducing costs. VoiceQ’s large feature selection also ensures control over post production, film security and quality.


Overlaying the translation immediately over the movie provides instant validation of the use of words, labials, lip-sync and timing. Once the script is translated and adapted, merely e-mail the project file to the studio ready for dubbing.

Educational Institutions

VoiceQ is the most advanced ADR and dubbing cueing system in the world. If you want your students to gain academic achievements in their chosen field then having VoiceQ in your curriculum is a must.

AutoSync Assistant

‘The AutoSync Assistant’ is a built in script processor designed to minimise the time it takes for users to import text along the VoiceQ timeline. The AutoSync Assistant has a built-in voice recognition engine that can match your imported script text to a supported media file. The recognition engine finds appropriate audio segments and matches the imported text using an advanced system. Once completed technicians can use a simple structure to check that segments match up and make changes to the text.

The AutoSync Assistant can also be used for multilingual projects. The AutoSync tool will use speech region detection to easily sort your speech audio so users can easily assign text lines to audio. Users can also opt out of using recognition and match segments manually. 


AutoSync Guide  |  AutoSync tutorial video

Other innovations

ReWire Support

ReWire has been added to VoiceQ to create the best synchronisation between VoiceQ and an external DAW that supports ReWire. Unlike MIDI ReWire has a lower latency and has been proved to be the best method of integrating recording software with external applications. ReWire plug-in support is for 64-bit platforms only.

For details on how to set-up and run ReWire click HERE


The Teleprompter is designed for narrators who prefer traditional vertical scroll and do not require word-by-word synch. Using a teleprompter is similar to using cue cards. (see example image below)



Speech Regions

Users can see highlighted audio to easily place lines, navigate and move between segments faster. Speech regions are calculated and are mainly used for auto syncronisation in the Autosync tool to differenciate each segment to match to imported text.


Recording with MIDI

Users can now trigger Recording from VoiceQ for faster and accurate line by line recording with ProTools. Use keyboard shortcut: Shift+option+Space

Recording notification

Red light notification for `Recording In Progress’ on-screen display when in record mode. Use keyboard shortcut: Shift+option+Space

Actor Progress Display

‘Actor Progress Display’ allows voice talent to see their lines well before they’re due to perform them.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is now a fully supported DAW application and is highly recommended.