VoiceQ™ is the world’s first licensable ADR and Dubbing application with the largest feature set selection and advanced integration with Pro Tools and other DAW’s.
Based on 10 years of market testing and R&D this new application can sets the standard on workflow efficiency, speed and quality speeds for owners, technicians and voice talent.

What is VoiceQ™ 3.0

The team at VoiceQ is proud to provide an advanced ADR and Dubbing solution for a range of industry sector applications. In fact, after more than a decade of R&D, VoiceQ now boasts the largest feature set in the world for dialogue replacement software. 2016 witnessed the release of the VoiceQ Evolution Series, containing both ADR and Dubbing functionality as a single product, providing a solution that's suitable for every dialogue performance or recording situation imaginable.
Since then, our team has continued to push the boundaries of what VoiceQ can offer, introducing innovative features that extend reach beyond the studio-based engineer. Today, VoiceQ delivers value to everybody from script writers, translators and trans-adaptors; through to voice actors; engineers, studio managers and senior management. Here are just a few of the features that make VoiceQ such a ADR and Dubbing power tool.

Scrolling Visual Dialogue

Using VoiceQ users can view scrolling synchronized dialogue over any supported video or audio media file. While recording the VoiceQ editor can customise the font, length and spacing of dialogue to suit for any voice recording.


Simple Drag & Drop

Using VoiceQ users can drag and drop text into VoiceQ from almost any source. Users can assign characters, colour code or edit/remove using these features.

Frame accurate cueing

Frame accurate cueing using multiple cueing options and display outputs. Users can use beeps which are customisable by the user to be any frequency or even edit the visual count-up and count-down of each cue.



Real time script editing

Script text may be edited by the VoiceQ user at anytime while using VoiceQ. If a line must be edited during a recording session the editor can easily do so by selecting the line to be edited.

Feature rich reporting

This includes ADR cue sheets, scheduling reports, scripts and a customized report builder. Also included in reporting is Automated line referencing, notes, loop counts and progress tracking.

Multi language capability

Left to right (e.g. English, French, German, Spanish) and right to left (e.g. Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu) language support.

Supports for common MIDI Devices (PT & MTC sources)

VoiceQ has support for many MIDI Devices, Jog Wheels and Video Capture Input devices e.g.. Blackmagic Propensity. VoiceQ also supports a full integration with Pro Tools via a MIDI set-up. Users can set up recording by syncronizing the timelines on both VoiceQ and Pro Tools. VoiceQ also supports MIDI Input & Output with Logic Pro X.


ReWire Support

ReWire has been added to VoiceQ to create the best synchronisation between VoiceQ and an external DAW that supports ReWire. Unlike MIDI ReWire has a lower latency and has been proved to be the best method of integrating recording software with external applications. ReWire plug-in support is for 64-bit platforms only.

For details on how to set-up and run ReWire click HERE

Autosync Assistant

'The AutoSync Assistant' is a built in script processor designed to minimise the time it takes for users to import text along the VoiceQ timeline. The AutoSync Assistant has a built-in voice recognition engine that can match your imported script text to a supported media file. The recognition engine finds appropriate audio segments and matches the imported text using an advanced system. Once completed technicians can use a simple structure to check that segments match up and make changes to the text.

The AutoSync Assistant can also be used for multilingual projects. The AutoSync tool will use speech region detection to easily sort your speech audio so users can easily assign text lines to audio. Users can also opt out of using recognition and match segments manually. 


AutoSync Guide  |  AutoSync tutorial video


Speech Regions

Users can see highlighted audio to easily place lines, navigate and move between segments faster. Speech regions are calculated and are mainly used for auto syncronisation in the Autosync tool to differenciate each segment to match to imported text.


The Teleprompter is designed for narrators who prefer traditional vertical scroll and do not require word-by-word synch. Using a teleprompter is similar to using cue cards. (see example image below)


Actor Progress Display

‘Actor Progress Display’ allows voice talent to see their lines well before they’re due to perform them.

Recording with MIDI

Users can now trigger Recording from VoiceQ for faster and accurate line by line recording with ProTools. Use keyboard shortcut: Shift+option+Space

Recording notification

Red light notification for `Recording In Progress’ on-screen display when in record mode. Use keyboard shortcut: Shift+option+Space

Logic Pro X Intergration

Logic Pro X is now a fully supported DAW application and is highly recommended.


New System Information option: To help report issues and submit user enquiries and suggestions we’ve added this to the Help Menu. This option will extract all the relevant technical information from your system, and associated setup, for you to copy and send to us. Simply copy and paste it into an email, along with a description of your issue or enquiry, and send directly to our live VoiceQ Support Team.

More file formats for the Script Import Manager: We’ve added more formats and enhanced others. WORD documents (tab delimited) and CSV files can be imported seamlessly. For any formats not listed please send them through to support@VoiceQ.com and they will be added to VoiceQ.

New MIDI Interface: We’ve launched a new MIDI Interface between VoiceQ and Apple’s Logic Pro X digital audio workstation (DAW). Integrating VoiceQ and Logic Pro X into your workflow has now become a welcome reality to audio professionals world-wide.
New copying and pasting scripts feature. Getting your script into VoiceQ has now become a lot easier and much, much faster. Make sure your script, containing the lines of dialogue and associated character name, are separated by a TAB. Just click in the Timeline where you want the dialogue to start and paste your script: you will be amazed at how fast getting a script into VoiceQ has just become.

New automated `Split Lines’ when pasting and importing scripts: This is especially relevant for scripts that have very long lines or paragraphs that need narrating (for ADR) or translating (for Dubbing). The shorter the line the quicker and easier it is to synch.

Case sensitive characters: Can use same character names in different cases. JOHN and John are now treated as different characters.

Character merge: You can now merge characters with each other. All lines set to ‘specified character’ can be overwritten to be assigned to a different ‘specified character’.

New Quick Key option: Ability to move all selected lines, when filtered on one character, using the Key combination: Command + Shift + Drag.
Change Character Name associated with Multiple Lines:Users can now select multiple lines and associate one character to them all.

Merge two Character’s line: In some cases Character Names are misspelt and treated as separate characters. You can now merge two characters into one using drag-and-drop in the project character window.