VoiceQ™ Writer is a software application built as an all-in-one script writer for use with VoiceQ™ 3.1. The integrated script writer makes it possible for writers, translators and trans-adaptors to have full control over their scripts before recording, including import and export functionality across a wide range of formats. Voice recording is becoming about more than just actors or engineers, and this upgrade enables greater input at every stage of the processes.

Why VoiceQ™ Writer?

The user interface improves efficiency and accuracy of detailed tasks i.e splitting lines, marking pauses, cue placement and accurate lines for each character. VoiceQ™ Writer can be used independently of studio hardware, allowing users to work remotely and collaboratively. Scripts curated with VoiceQ™ Writer are time and synch perfect. This enables voice talent to deliver world class performances for every sound, every word, every line, with less takes. This gives content producers more time efficient recording and higher quality overall. 

Scrolling Visual Dialogue

Using VoiceQ users can view scrolling synchronized dialogue over any supported video or audio media file. While recording the VoiceQ editor can customise the font, length and spacing of dialogue to suit for any voice recording.


Simple Drag & Drop

Using VoiceQ users can drag and drop text into VoiceQ from almost any source. Users can assign characters, colour code or edit/remove using these features.

Frame accurate cueing

Frame accurate cueing using multiple cueing options and display outputs. Users can use beeps which are customisable by the user to be any frequency or even edit the visual count-up and count-down of each cue.



Real time script editing

Script text may be edited by the VoiceQ user at anytime while using VoiceQ. If a line must be edited during a recording session the editor can easily do so by selecting the line to be edited.

Feature rich reporting

This includes ADR cue sheets, scheduling reports, scripts and a customized report builder. Also included in reporting is Automated line referencing, notes, loop counts and progress tracking.

Multi language capability

Left to right (e.g. English, French, German, Spanish) and right to left (e.g. Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu) language support.


VoiceQ™ Writer differs from VoiceQ™ 3.1 and is built as a writing tool for writers, translators, and trans-adaptors. It has unique features shared with VoiceQ™ 3.1 that enhance the users experience to streamline workflow and cut time when prepping scripts significantly.

Playback Rate Options: Right-click on the Play icon to bring up playback options: 0.5x,1.0x,1.5x,2.0x playback rates. Users can now control the speed at which the video plays back allowing for more precise syncing.

Import Excel (.XLSX) files: Users can now import spreadsheets from the latest version of Microsoft Excel. XLSX is a file extension for an open XML spreadsheet file format used by Microsoft Excel.

Import Final Draft (.FDX) files: Users can now import files from Final Draft Pro. FDX is the XML file format native to Final Draft 10 / 9 / 8 and the Final Draft Writer for iPad.

Export Excel (.CSV/.XLSX) files: Users can now export spreadsheets. A CSV is a comma separated values file which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. XLSX is a file extension for an open XML spreadsheet file format used by Microsoft Excel.

Multiple Character Filter: Users can select multiple characters to filter. This allows users to view selected characters in the Timeline, script view and video window.

Gender Assignment: Users can easily sort characters by gender located in the Characters pane.

Secondary language view: Users can now view languages side by side for faster translation within VoiceQ. Secondary language view is only visible when users have added a second language. 

Individual Character report export options: Users can now export character progress reports individually. This allows content producers to send scripts to specific talent before recording. To use this select File>Report>Individual Character Script Reports… and select a folder to save to.

Removed pre-roll options: Users can set pre-roll in Pro Tools and VoiceQ will slave to PT selection.