VoiceQ Writer Update Release Information

Release Date:             August 2017
Build Number:           VoiceQ Writer 3.3


Update Notes

This update release provides enhanced performance and usability improvements.


Google API support - Users need to sign-in with their Google Cloud account to access the service. Please refer to Google Cloud for pricing & charges while using the service at the following link:


AutoSync Assistant API - Auto Sync can work with Google Cloud Speech. User must provide their own Google Cloud API key enabled the service.

AutoSync Language Support (via Google Speech API) - AutoSync Assistant now supports a larger amount of languages. Please refer to the following link to see supported languages:

External Service Configuration (Command+6) - Open the configuration window to add in your Google API and choose which service you wish to use.

Multiple lines in Script View - Users can select to see all text in a line. Right-click a selected line and select 'Show Multiple Lines' to see all text in a line in the script view.

Google sign-in - Instruction for users to download a pass-key

FDX Timecode Support - Enhanced FDX import logic that can import timecode in the ‘number’ fields. Also the language can be auto detected.

Internal window shortcuts - Added short cuts for various configuration sheets. Users can now close them by pressing the escape (ESC) key.


AutoSync Logic - Auto Sync logic enhanced to reduce errors and to increase synchronisation percentages.

Line highlight during playback active - Fixed an issue where lines would not highlight correctly in the script view during playback.

Line selection - Selection by clicking in timeline now affects selection in script view.

Line addition - Adding a line in timeline by pop up menu works with the clicked time and track.

Pop-up Menus - Popup menus in timeline view and script view work more consistently with clicked items rather than with selected items.

Timeline Changes - Reduce jumpy scroll and other glitches in timeline after performing specific operations such as add/delete/undo/redo.

Transcription - Transcript re-enabled by Google Cloud Translation. User must provide their own Google Cloud API key enabled the service. Please refer to Google Cloud for pricing & charges.

Negative duration (Unable to save) - Fixed an error that an empty line has negative duration and cause UI error and save failure in specific languages such as Japanese and Chinese.

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VoiceQ™ Writer Update Release Information

Release Date:              April 2017
Update Date:              May 2017
Build Number:            
VoiceQ™ Writer

VoiceQ™ Writer is a software application built as an all-in-one script writer for use with VoiceQ™ 3.1. The integrated script writer makes it possible for writers, translators and trans-adaptors to have full control over their scripts before recording, including import and export functionality across a wide range of formats. Voice recording is becoming about more than just actors or engineers, and this upgrade enables greater input at every stage of the processes.

Update Notes (v3.1.1 - May 2017)

This hot-fix addressed the following issues:

1. Issues when zooming out too far: Caused an issue where project lines were to no longer visible.

2. Filter character: Alt+Up/Down not working as intended; Has been addressed and works correctly.

3. Playback issue: Issue when initiating playback before media is ready; Caused play button to be inaccessible.


VoiceQ™ Writer project files can only be opened from VoiceQ™ 3.1 or higher. If you use VoiceQ™ Writer and need to open the project file in an older version you will need to export a .csv or .txt file then import that into a new project. We advise any users using VoiceQ 3.0 to update to the latest build to take advantage of all new features & enhancements.


Playback Rate Options: Right-click on the Play icon to bring up playback options: 0.5x,1.0x,1.5x,2.0x playback rates. Users can now control the speed at which the video plays back allowing for more precise syncing.

Import Excel (.XLSX) files: Users can now import spreadsheets from the latest version of Microsoft Excel. XLSX is a file extension for an open XML spreadsheet file format used by Microsoft Excel.

Import Final Draft (.FDX) files: Users can now import files from Final Draft Pro. FDX is the XML file format native to Final Draft 10 / 9 / 8 and the Final Draft Writer for iPad.

Export Excel (.CSV/.XLSX) files: Users can now export spreadsheets. A CSV is a comma separated values file which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. XLSX is a file extension for an open XML spreadsheet file format used by Microsoft Excel.

Multiple Character Filter: Users can select multiple characters to filter. This allows users to view selected characters in the Timeline, script view and video window.

Gender Assignment: Users can easily assign and sort characters by gender located in the Characters pane.

Secondary language view: Users can now view languages side by side for faster translation within VoiceQ. Secondary language view is only visible when users have added a second language. Right click on the secondary language bar to select another language if using three or more.

Individual Character report export options: Users can now export character progress reports individually. This allows content producers to send scripts to specific talent before recording. To use this select File>Report>Individual Character Script Reports… and select a folder to save to.


Spellchecker: Enabled by default when using script view for user convenience. 

DAW Interface: Removed features not eligible to users of VoiceQ™ Writer related to DAW interfaces.

Note: All versions of VoiceQ require a system running MacOS 10.9 or later to run. No system support for 10.8 or below available.