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Setting up a project

These video tutorials will help you get up and going quickly with VoiceQ, from installation through to delivery of an international release version of your movie or TV program.

2. Creating a basic project in VoiceQ

This tutorial takes you through creating a simple project by showing you the easiest workflow to get a project ready for multi-lingual recording.

3. Using Preferences

VoiceQ has an array of options found in the Preferences window. This video shows users how to use the options given.

4. Translating and adapting with VoiceQ

Learn how to translate and adapt your movie or TV program using VoiceQ’s powerful `digital rythmobande’ scrolling text overlay.

5. Technical Set-up

This tutorial takes you through the various set-ups and explains how to integrate VoiceQ into your current workflow. Integrating VoiceQ and Pro Tools into the recording studio is simple. There is a set-up to fit each member of your production team, whether they be an administrator, translator, director, actor or engineer. VoiceQ is portable, versatile and always ready-to-go at a moment's notice.

6. Recording with Actors, Directors and Engineers

VoiceQ has an array of cueing options and on-screen displays that will make your ADR and dubbing session an effortless and enjoyable recording experience. Administrators will find all the scripts and reports ready to schedule actors, crew and recording studios. Want to introduce new voice talent? In charge of a film school or acting agency? Want to achieve over 100 loops an hour? Then this tutorial is for you.