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AutoSync Assistant Users Guide   |   Quick Keys

AutoSync Assistant Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to use the AutoSync Tool correctly on your mac.

Recent Enhancements

Language support – Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Sinhala, Chinese Mandarin.
Audio split – Visual indicator has been added to the timeline view in the AutoSync Assistant window.
Script importing – Minor TXT & CSV importing issues have been addressed.
MOV file support – Fixed an issue with waveform read when using imported .MOV files.
Comments – Fixed an issue adding comments without permission.
Comments omission – Omitted comments now removed from view in AutoSync window.
Auto-save removed - This feature has been removed to allow for faster performance when using voice recognition.

Shortcuts added in AutoSync window: 

Add Script: ‘A’

Adds a new Script block for users to add in new lines for synchronisation.

Split and Edit: ’S’

Allows user to edit the selected text block in a text editor field. Users can make multiple lines using this function.

Merge Scripts: ‘C’

User can select multiple script blocks and merge them into a single block.

Delete Block: ‘Delete’

User can select multiple script/audio blocks and delete them very easily.

Merge audio: ‘M’

User can select multiple audio blocks and merge them into a single block.

Up/Down: ‘↑’ / ‘↓’

Move selection in the imported script lines blocks section

Left/Right: ‘←’ / ‘→’

Move selection in the audio blocks section

Command + Up/Down: ‘⌘+↑’  / ‘⌘+↓’

Expand selection in the imported script lines

Return (Enter): ‘⏎’

Toggle connection (only works with 1:1 selection)

Space: ‘␣’

Play the (last) selected audio block.