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AutoSync Assistant Users Guide   |   Quick Keys

Using Google Speech

The latest version of VoiceQ uses Google Speech for both transcription and AutoSync services. The following guide will help you to set-up and integrate your google account to best use these services.

Steps to integrate API into VoiceQ

1. Log-in to Google cloud with a google account.

2. Set-up account

3. Login to ‘Console’

4. Goto ‘API Manager’

5. Select ‘Google Speech’

6. Select ‘Credentials’

7. Copy your API Key

8. Open VoiceQ

9. Select ‘Window>External Service Configuration…

10. Paste API Key into text field.

11. Select ‘Use Google Speech for Auto Sync’

AutoSync Assistant Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to use the AutoSync Tool correctly on your mac.

Recent Enhancements

Language support – Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Sinhala, Chinese Mandarin.
Audio split – Visual indicator has been added to the timeline view in the AutoSync Assistant window.
Script importing – Minor TXT & CSV importing issues have been addressed.
MOV file support – Fixed an issue with waveform read when using imported .MOV files.
Comments – Fixed an issue adding comments without permission.
Comments omission – Omitted comments now removed from view in AutoSync window.
Auto-save removed - This feature has been removed to allow for faster performance when using voice recognition.

Shortcuts added in AutoSync window: 

Add Script: ‘A’

Adds a new Script block for users to add in new lines for synchronisation.

Split and Edit: ’S’

Allows user to edit the selected text block in a text editor field. Users can make multiple lines using this function.

Merge Scripts: ‘C’

User can select multiple script blocks and merge them into a single block.

Delete Block: ‘Delete’

User can select multiple script/audio blocks and delete them very easily.

Merge audio: ‘M’

User can select multiple audio blocks and merge them into a single block.

Up/Down: ‘↑’ / ‘↓’

Move selection in the imported script lines blocks section

Left/Right: ‘←’ / ‘→’

Move selection in the audio blocks section

Command + Up/Down: ‘⌘+↑’  / ‘⌘+↓’

Expand selection in the imported script lines

Return (Enter): ‘⏎’

Toggle connection (only works with 1:1 selection)

Space: ‘␣’

Play the (last) selected audio block.