Scrolling Visual Dialogue

Using VoiceQ users can view scrolling synchronized dialogue over any supported video or audio media file. While recording the VoiceQ editor can customise the font, length and spacing of dialogue to suit for any voice recording.


Simple Drag & Drop

Using VoiceQ users can drag and drop text into VoiceQ from almost any source. Users can assign characters, colour code or edit/remove using these features.

Frame accurate cueing

Frame accurate cueing using multiple cueing options and display outputs. Users can use beeps which are customisable by the user to be any frequency or even edit the visual count-up and count-down of each cue.



Real time script editing

Script text may be edited by the VoiceQ user at anytime while using VoiceQ. If a line must be edited during a recording session the editor can easily do so by selecting the line to be edited.

Feature rich reporting

This includes ADR cue sheets, scheduling reports, scripts and a customized report builder. Also included in reporting is Automated line referencing, notes, loop counts and progress tracking.

Multi language capability

Left to right (e.g. English, French, German, Spanish) and right to left (e.g. Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu) language support.

Supports for common MIDI Devices (PT & MTC sources)

VoiceQ has support for many MIDI Devices, Jog Wheels and Video Capture Input devices e.g.. Blackmagic Propensity. VoiceQ also supports a full integration with Pro Tools via a MIDI set-up. Users can set up recording by syncronizing the timelines on both VoiceQ and Pro Tools. VoiceQ also supports MIDI Input & Output with Logic Pro X.


Feature Enhancements

  • New System Information option – To help report issues and submit user enquiries and suggestions we’ve added this to the Help Menu. This option will extract all the relevant technical information from your system, and associated setup, for you to copy and send to us. Simply copy and paste it into an email, along with a description of your issue or enquiry, and send directly to our live VoiceQ Support Team
  • More file formats for the Script Import Manager. We’ve added more formats and enhanced others. WORD documents (tab delimited) and CSV files can be imported seamlessly. For any formats not listed please send them through to support@VoiceQ.com and they will be added to VoiceQ.
  • New MIDI Interface. We’ve launched a new MIDI Interface between VoiceQ and Apple’s Logic Pro X digital audio workstation (DAW). Integrating VoiceQ and Logic Pro X into your workflow has now become a welcome reality to audio professionals world-wide.
  • New copying and pasting scripts feature. Getting your script into VoiceQ has now become a lot easier and much, much faster. Make sure your script, containing the lines of dialogue and associated character name, are separated by a TAB. Just click in the Timeline where you want the dialogue to start and paste your script – you will be amazed at how fast getting a script into VoiceQ has just become.
  • New automated `Split Lines’ when pasting and importing scripts. This is especially relevant for scripts that have very long lines or paragraphs that need narrating (for ADR) or translating (for Dubbing). The shorter the line the quicker and easier it is to synch.
  • New check box and shortcut key to quickly rid the screen of all unwanted overlays during playback.
  • Case sensitive characters – Can use same character names in different cases. JOHN and John are now treated as different characters.
  • Character merge – You can now merge characters with each other. All lines set to ‘specified character’ can be overwritten to be assigned to a different ‘specified character’.
  • New Quick Key option –Ability to move all selected lines, when filtered on one character, using the Key combination: Command + Shift + Drag.
  • Change Character Name associated with Multiple Lines –Users can now select multiple lines and associate one character to them all.
  • Merge two Character’s line – In some cases Character Names are misspelt and treated as separate characters. You can now merge two characters into one using drag-and-drop in the project character window.


  • Ability to add multiple videos or swap out videos.
  • The Start Timecode set in Pro Tools and VoiceQ now work in-synch.
  • VoiceQ Menu changed to improve workflow and to locate certain functions; including file import options.
  • The `Duplicate’, `Save As…’ and `Revert To…’ improved – you can now make multiple copies, save them and revert back to earlier versions of your VoiceQ project.
  • Ability to invoke your `Restore To Default’ option in VoiceQ Preferences without complication.
  • New shortcut keys for selecting previous and next line to `Opt + Up/Down Arrow keys’ to avoid conflicts with Apple’s default shortcuts.
  • Enhanced security features for the `Auto Update’ function so your software updates are now quicker and smoother.
  • Corrected the minimum line duration constraint for multi-language projects, which often caused script-timing issues.
  • Resolved an issue so you can now use the Shift + Drag function to move all words in a line before the selected word.
  • Ability to `Copy and Paste’ lines with very long text.
  • Ability to `Split’ a line into two lines while retaining synch.
  • VoiceQ can now automatically trigger streamers (wipes) when MIDI messages are received from external devices eg. Colin Broad streamer.
  • Ability to open the video window during playback.
  • Removed the XML File Import feature from the File menu. This feature was to assist users in migrating VoiceQ 1 Projects into VoiceQ 2 Application. VoiceQ projects, created in previous software versions, can now be opened directly.
  • Changes to the File Import menu to more accurately reflect each file format supported by VoiceQ eg. Import Text, Import CSV etc.
  • Ability to overlay a popover validation alert over the video window.
  • Removed redundant video size settings from VoiceQ Preferences.
  • Further improvements to the smooth scrolling of text.
  • OSX Security Policy implemented in VoiceQ to avoid future installation and update issues.
  • Split Line function has been added to the popup menus (right click).
  • In the timeline view, the user can now split a line instantly if the project has only one language.
  • Video playback timer has been changed to address hardware compatibility issue.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.
  • Reallocate multiple character lines via drag & drop from character panel.
  • Corrected an issue related to multi-language projects, that caused some line durations to change unexpectedly, which in turn affected the file save function.The `Duplicate’, `Save As…’ and `Revert To…’ improved – you can now make multiple copies, save them and revert back to earlier versions of your VoiceQ project.
  • Enhanced the stability of the internal change tracking function.
  • Optimised the User Interface (UI) refresh rate so that it is more responsive.
  • Improved the speed of importing files and migrating previous versions of VoiceQ Projects – now quicker and more efficient when opening the video window.