VoiceQ 2.0 Update Release Information

Release Date:             December 2016
Build Number:            
VoiceQ 2.0.11

This is a minor update release that provides enhanced performance and usability improvements.


If users experience any issues with saving we have added an option under ‘File>Export>Export Project’.
This will allow you to migrate your data to a new project file. Users may use this feature if they suspect their project file is potentially corrupted.

Auto-save features have been removed to enhance performance and decrease load on devices. This measure was taken to allow for better loading on larger VoiceQ projects. This also allows a significantly decreased wait time when adding or removing lines.

Major Enhancements

Increased Overall Performance – Increased performance and load times have been reduced when running large scale projects. The development team have eased the load caused by VoiceQ on users base Memory and CPU. Users can add and/or remove lines faster and more efficiently than in previous versions of VoiceQ. 

Feature Enhancements

ReWire Support – ReWire has been added to VoiceQ to create the best synchronisation between VoiceQ and external audio software. Unlike MIDI ReWire has a lower latency and has been proved to be the best method of integrating recording software. Please update to the latest version of VoiceQ software to use the ReWire plug-in.

ReWire plug-in support is for 64-bit platforms only. Users running Pro Tools 10 or below will need to upgrade to a 64-bit version to take full advantage of ReWire. Users have the ability to use either MIDI or ReWire to sync between VQ and PT. Users may need to remove there plug-ins preferences file from Pro Tools to scan for the new ReWire plug-in if it does not appear on initial load.

Timeline Zoom – Higher Zoom level added to easily oversee project.
Video position – The position of the video window is saved, when user re-opens a saved project the video window will be in previous position.


Latency Compensate (ReWire) – Works more efficiently. Users can set the offset to correctly compensate for the latency based on users computer hardware performance. (Use this if sync is not correct when using Latency set at 0ms)

Users will need to download the new version of ReWire plug-in (1.1.0) from HERE


Zoom – Issue with selection when user zoomed out further than waveform boundaries.
Start Time – Issues when using start times other than 00:00:00:00. Users can now use any start time including negative start times.
Import/Export Project – Users can now import/export a JSON file that duplicates the users project. For use when archiving or moving data to a new project file.
Stability fixes – Application stability has been increased from previous versions.

Preference changes – Text changes to defaults: ‘Restore User Default’ & ‘Save as User Default.’
Defaults change – Set ‘Chase external Timecode’ to ‘Off’ by default.
OS Support – macOS 10.12 officially supported.

VoiceQ 2.0 Update Release Information

Release Date:             12 July 2016
Build Number:            VoiceQ 2.0.10

This is a general update release that addresses a number of known issues as well as providing enhanced performance and usability improvements. It is highly recommended that you update your current version of VoiceQ.

  • Prevent empty selection that might cause minor unexpected UI updates
  • Minor stability fixes
  • Improved project file compatibility

Release Date:             03 May 2016
Build Number:            VoiceQ 2.0.9

This is a general update release that addresses a number of known issues as well as providing enhanced performance and usability improvements. It is highly recommended that you update your current version of VoiceQ.

Feature Enhancements
  • Case sensitive characters – Can use same character names in different cases. JOHN and John are now treated as different characters.
  • Character merge – You can now merge characters with each other. All lines set to 'specified character' can be overwritten to be assigned to a different 'specified character'.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause mismatches between line number and the actual order in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug that VoiceQ added a character even when the user clicked cancel add button
  • Fixed issues with importing large SubRip caption (.srt) files
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Release Date:             19 April 2016
Build Number:            VoiceQ 2.0.8

This is a general update release that addresses a number of known issues as well as providing enhanced performance and usability improvements. It is highly recommended that you update your current version of VoiceQ.

Feature Enhancements
  • New Quick Key option –Ability to move all selected lines, when filtered on one character, using the Key combination: Command + Shift + Drag.
  • Change Character Name associated with Multiple Lines –Users can now select multiple lines and associate one character to them all.
  • Merge two Character's line – In some cases Character Names are misspelt and treated as separate characters. You can now merge two characters into one using drag-and-drop in the project character window.
  • Fixed an issue that may cause VoiceQ to fail to load another media file where all other videos had been removed.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause the VoiceQ project file to fail to duplicate or save as, after the file is dragged to the VoiceQ icon in the Dock.
  • Reallocate multiple character lines via drag & drop from character panel.
  • Corrected an issue related to multi-language projects, that caused some line durations to change unexpectedly, which in turn affected the file save function.The `Duplicate’, `Save As…’ and `Revert To…’ improved – you can now make multiple copies, save them and revert back to earlier versions of your VoiceQ project.
  • Enhanced the stability of the internal change tracking function.
  • Optimised the User Interface (UI) refresh rate so that it is more responsive.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause visual glitches in OSX 10.11.
  • Improved the speed of importing files and migrating previous versions of VoiceQ Projects – now quicker and more efficient.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause VoiceQ to crash when opening the video window.
  • Other minor performance enhancements.

Release Date:             5 April 2016
Build Number:            VoiceQ 2.0.7

Feature Enhancements
  • New System Information option - To help report issues and submit user enquiries and suggestions we’ve added this to the Help Menu. This option will extract all the relevant technical information from your system, and associated setup, for you to copy and send to us. Simply copy and paste it into an email, along with a description of your issue or enquiry, and send directly to our live VoiceQ Support Team
  • More file formats for the Script Import Manager. We’ve added more formats and enhanced others. WORD documents (tab delimited) and CSV files can be imported seamlessly. For any formats not listed please send them through to support@VoiceQ.com and they will be added to VoiceQ.
  • New MIDI Interface. We’ve launched a new MIDI Interface between VoiceQ and Apple’s Logic Pro X digital audio workstation (DAW). Integrating VoiceQ and Logic Pro X into your workflow has now become a welcome reality to audio professionals world-wide.
  • New copying and pasting scripts feature. Getting your script into VoiceQ has now become a lot easier and much, much faster. Make sure your script, containing the lines of dialogue and associated character name, are separated by a TAB. Just click in the Timeline where you want the dialogue to start and paste your script – you will be amazed at how fast getting a script into VoiceQ has just become.
  • New automated `Split Lines’ when pasting and importing scripts. This is especially relevant for scripts that have very long lines or paragraphs that need narrating (for ADR) or translating (for Dubbing). The shorter the line the quicker and easier it is to synch.
  • New check box and shortcut key to quickly rid the screen of all unwanted overlays during playback.
  • Ability to add multiple videos or swap out videos.
  • The Start Timecode set in Pro Tools and VoiceQ now work in-synch.
  • VoiceQ Menu changed to improve workflow and to locate certain functions; including file import options.
  • The `Duplicate’, `Save As…’ and `Revert To…’ improved – you can now make multiple copies, save them and revert back to earlier versions of your VoiceQ project.
  • Ability to invoke your `Restore To Default’ option in VoiceQ Preferences without complication.
  • New shortcut keys for selecting previous and next line to `Opt + Up/Down Arrow keys’ to avoid conflicts with Apple’s default shortcuts.
  • Enhanced security features for the `Auto Update’ function so your software updates are now quicker and smoother.
  • Corrected the minimum line duration constraint for multi-language projects, which often caused script-timing issues.
  • Resolved an issue so you can now use the Shift + Drag function to move all words in a line before the selected word.
  • Ability to `Copy and Paste’ lines with very long text.
  • Ability to `Split’ a line into two lines while retaining synch.
  • VoiceQ can now automatically trigger streamers (wipes) when MIDI messages are received from external devices eg. Colin Broad streamer.
  • Ability to open the video window during playback.
  • Removed the XML File Import feature from the File menu. This feature was to assist users in migrating VoiceQ 1 Projects into VoiceQ 2 Application. VoiceQ projects, created in previous software versions, can now be opened directly.
  • Changes to the File Import menu to more accurately reflect each file format supported by VoiceQ eg. Import Text, Import CSV etc.
  • Ability to overlay a popover validation alert over the video window.
  • Removed redundant video size settings from VoiceQ Preferences.
  • Further improvements to the smooth scrolling of text.
  • Corrected an issue related to multi-language projects, that caused some line durations to change unexpectedly, which in turn affected the file save function.
  • Corrected an issue that caused VoiceQ to crash when opening VoiceQ Preferences with a previous VoiceQ Project loaded that had an associated Video size set at any of the following sizes '768 by 576 PAL DVD’, '1280 by 720 720p' or '1920 by 1080 1080p’.

Release Date:            23 January 2016
Build Number:           VoiceQ 2.0.6


This Minor Update Release is in response to Apple's  OSX advanced security policy and will ensure VoiceQ remains compliant. This requires a new Software Developer Certification Signature which may render the auto update process to fail.

We highly recommend that you download this latest update directly from here.

After downloading this latest VoiceQ 2 Application Update (VoiceQ 2.0.6) please delete and replace your previous VoiceQ Version (VoiceQ 2.0.5) with this one.

We apologise for any inconvenience this update may cause but be assured VoiceQ will continue to maintain parity with Apple’s Security Policies and Procedures. The VoiceQ Auto Update will function as normal from the next update.

Feature Enhancements
  • Enhanced security in VoiceQ  2 application with new Software Developer Certification to maintain compliance with Apple OSX Security Policies.
  • OSX Security Policy implemented in VoiceQ to avoid future installation and update issues.
  • Fixed a bug that when the user splits a line, the new line would disappear from the video window.
  • Split Line function has been added to the popup menus (right click).
  • In the timeline view, the user can now split a line instantly if the project has only one language.
  • Video playback timer has been changed to address hardware compatibility issue.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

Release Date:              12 January 2016
Build Number:             VoiceQ 2.0.5

Feature Enhancements
  • VoiceQ now supports Live Video Feeds, 3rd party video cards and I/O video devices including a host of digital video converters eg. AJA, Blackmagic Intensity etc.
  • VoiceQ is now able to import standard Subtitle Files (SRT - SubRip). Since the SRT file can include a lot of additional data we're keen to develop this format further. Please post your requirements in our Support Section and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • The smoothness of the scrolling Rythmobande has been further optimised with the inclusion of a High Performance Mode (Cmd 2 to toggle ON/OFF). This provides supreme smoothness of the Rythmobande on playback.
  • By customer request, we’ve added an Option to `Split' a line into two. This function will automatically assign appropriate TC IN and OUT points for each line (Right Click > Split Line)
  • In a response to another customer request, we’ve added the ability to synch a word or line while having the movie follow the mouse cursor. This way your able to see the mouth movements when synching.
  • The `Play with Preroll’ shortcut has been changed to Opt+Space to avoid conflicts with a recent OSX shortcut change.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause a crash when the user removes all the media files from project settings window.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause a crash when the user closes a project and opens another.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause the video window to vanish when using full-screen mode.
  • Fixed bugs that caused crashes or hangs after changing the current media file in the project settings window.
  • Fixed a bug that may draw waveform track as missing because document's path is not set at the first time
  • Fixed a minor bug that prevents the importation of VoiceQ 1 text files.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause VoiceQ not to play the video when triggered by Pro Tools.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

Release Date:              1 December 2015
Build Number:             VoiceQ 2.0.4

Feature Enhancements
  • Optimised scrolling of Rythmobande – the scrolling text and waveform is now much smoother.
  • Direct import of MS Office WORD documents and XLS file – VoiceQ is now able to import MS Office files without the need to convert them to a text file. VoiceQ will also extract text within Tables and present them in a window for selection.
  • Import script files with invalid timecode – VoiceQ will import all TC formats (correct or not) and will:
    1. Highlight invalid timecode in red font during import to bring to the users attention
    2.  Provide the ability to edit the incorrect TC and/or data in the import interface while importing – no need to edit the offending data in the source file and re-import
    3. Provide a Tooltip hint when invalid timecode is detected and prompt the user to correct it
  • Other performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Release Date:             28 October 2015
Build Number:            VoiceQ 2.0.3

Feature Enhancements
  • VoiceQ MIDI Pre-roll now follows Pro tools Pre-roll.
  • Mac OS Roman text encoding added to Script Import Manager when importing csv script files.
  • Automatically detects whether the first line in a script import file is a Header and processes accordingly.
  • Other performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Release Date:              7 October 2015
Build Number:             VoiceQ 2.0.2

Feature Enhancements
  • Addressed possible crashes when user tries to paste text in an invalid format
  • Enabled countdown, beeps and streamers to cue on a single line when selected
  • Improved timing of countdown, beeps and streamers enabling acute arrival of the cue
  • Languages with text fonts containing diacritical marks or glyphs now display on-screen correctly eg. French, Greek, Arabic etc
  • MIDI Latency Compensate value is now applied when in playback mode by an external MIDI control message eg. From Pro Tools
  • Allows user to change video window size at any time
  • Allows user to change to full screen video mode at any time
  • Animation added when you change video window
  • Addresses unexpected movement of video window when user attempts to resize video
  • Allows user to enter timecode without the need to enter colons or semicolons
  • Other performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Release Date:              23 September 2015
Build Number:             VoiceQ 2.0.1

Feature Enhancements
  • Improved smoothness of Scrolling text (Digital Rythmobande)
  • Added advanced interface to enable user to configure display information directly on the Video Window; text layout, waveform, and other display information
  • Added the ability to display further information on the video window to assist Director, Actor and crew; Director notes, Actor instructions, dialogue or All
  • Added functions to extract onscreen comments from script files during CSV file import process
  • Added the paste with option (Cmd+Option+V) function for pasting text. Provides the user with the ability to preview the paste result and select the target language before performing the paste action
  • Addressed issue so that VoiceQ no longer goes out of sync when the user stops playback in Pro Tools
  • Addressed an issue that may cause crashes when a User stops playback in Pro Tools
  • Other performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Note: All versions of VoiceQ require a system running MacOS 10.9 or later to run. No system support for 10.8 or below available.