We are appointing a network of global industry leaders as distributors of VoiceQ.  If you are interested in representing VoiceQ in your market, please contact us now.

Encore Voices

Encore Voices is a S corporation. It was originally a partnership with voice talent and voice director Charles Fathy and voice talent and marketing guru Fabienne Chonavel. They have pooled clients, French voice talents and years of experience to offer a complete, high quality service for the entertainment and voice-over industries.
Contact: Mukta Cholette | Tel. +1 562-544-4808 | E-mail: mukta@encorevoices.com



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CEV is a leader in audio and video communication and multimedia technology. Specializing in the sale, rental, custom design, installation, integration, servicing, and product training of state-of-the-art technology, CEV has built an enviable reputation for its determination to offer quality products, highly trained personnel and technically skilled support teams. CEV has a workforce of over 50 permanent employees in Eastern Canada. The head office is in Montreal, with offices in Toronto, Quebec City and Halifax.
Contact: info@cev.ca

Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan and China

Hi-End Technology Co Ltd

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Contact Wilson Choi for more details.

Contact: wilsonc@hiendtech.com

Middle East

Kiwa Middle East

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Kiwa Middle East is a unique digital producer focused on multi-lingual and cultural content. Based in the United Arab Emirates, and managed by Kiwa Digital founder Rhonda Kite, Kiwa Middle East is a licensed re-seller of VoiceQ for the Middle East region.
Contact: rhonda@kiwa-me.com

Russia and Nordic Region

IP Mines

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Contact Thatcher Mines for more details.

Contact: thatcher@poweranimalpublishing.com


South Africa

Vanande Media

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Vanande Media is a multimedia arts company heavily involved in advertising and entertainment industries, producing content in an array of forms from television shows to billboards using its skilled designers, cinematographers, editors and directors. Vanande Media has been involved in television production in South Africa for over a decade and boasts a repertoire of shows screened on Channel O,  Mnet, ETV and other channels. 
Contact: info@vanande.co.za

United Kingdom

ADRenaline Dub & Post

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ADRenaline Dub & Post is a dubbing facility in London specialising in precision Theatrical Dubbing. Since opening their doors, they have dubbed many feature films, television series' and cartoons alongside several hundred television documentaries. And because they are passionate about what they do, you'll find them accommodating, enthusiastic about your project no matter how large or small.
Contact ADRenaline at studio@ADRenaline.london.


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Established for more than eighteen years, Soho-based root6 is the most experienced and committed supplier of technology to the UK broadcast, film, post-production and new media communities.  Still owned and run by the people who started the company, root6 is characterised by a high level of technical competence with many of the team having worked in technical and creative areas of the industry.
Contact Root6 at info@root6.com.


RSPE Audio Solutions

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RSPE Audio Solutions has served the professional audio and video industry since 1991, specializing in equipment sales, consultation, and all aspects of audio system and studio design. With friends and clients at every major motion picture facility and recording studio in Hollywood, plus studios around the globe, RSPE’s areas of expertise include Music Production, Broadcast, Post-Production, Live Sound, and Home & Business AV automation.
Contact RSPE at websales@rspe.com.