Your time and return on investment is important. VoiceQ is a cueing application that expedites the dialogue creation and replacement process  in the post production film, television, animation and games industries. First developed and patented in 2003, VoiceQ is now launched as a

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The revolutionary VoiceQ 2.0 software is now available, combining the features of VoiceQ ADR  and VoiceQ DUB, as well as introducing innovative new features in response to changes in the industry.   Available for: Mac OSX.  Release date: July 2015. or purchase


Comprehensive technical support is available for licensed users.  You will find here and in the links below the VoiceQ User Guide, a new Knowledge Base,  User Forum,  FAQs,  Feedback Form,  details of where to get email support, and engaging video tutorials (French and

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The new VoiceQ

The New VoiceQ

July 2015 marks the global launch of VoiceQ 2.0.  Its dubbing and ADR innovations are designed to reduce time dubbing preparation, retain the integrity of original scenes, improve voice talent capability and drive your ROI skyward. Multi platform, two in one 

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" I remember seeing one of the first prototypes of the Voice Q software that the enthusiastic engineers came to present to Warner Bros in 2000. They adapted the French rythmo band dubbing concept to new software, which after a few years of tweaking became one of the best in the industry. They just saved themselves 50 years of research.”

Jacques Barreau VP, Worldwide Dubbing and Subtitling ,Warner Bros

"Actors love the built-in cue system, which is visual as well as audible, and because VoiceQ offers a very accurate cue for every word it really does enhance performance levels. Since installing VoiceQ, we have used it to great effect on a number of projects and have succeeded in saving our clients a lot of studio time."

Chris Stumer Hackenbacker Audio Production, London, UK